Quick update on 06/06/06

I’ve heard that some women are scheduling labor inducements so that their babies are not being born on 06-06-06. Come on people! Unless you’ve been in bed with a jackal I don’t think you have much to worry about. πŸ™‚

I promised an update on my table – I did manage to template route the feet, more or less. The feet are cut entirely with straight edges, so there isn’t really a need to template route them. Nonetheless they were challenging – a simple 45-degree cut turned out to be really difficult to make cleanly. I’ll post photos of the completed feet next time – I’m not going to run down to the garage right now. I’ve also cut out some of the other thick stock for pieces, and am now gluing up more.

I’m not sure whether I’ve been penny wise and pound foolish in my choice of some wood. The mahogany at my source comes in two thicknesses: 4/4 and 8/4. (Hardwood thickness is traditionally measured in quarter inches, so those “in the know” say “4/4” rather than “1 inch.” Gotta love trade jargon). But these are the rough thicknesses straight out of the mill. When you surface the stock (smooth it out), you typically end up with something around 7/8″ for the 4/4, and closer to 1.75″ for the 8/4.

My table calls for some pieces that are 3.5″ thick, so that’s pretty easy – create a sandwich of two 8/4 pieces that are trimmed up, and you’ve got exactly 3.5″. Some other pieces need to be cut 1.75″ thick, and there was my dilemma — to buy the 8/4 stock, or the 4/4 stock and sandwich up two pieces to get the 1.75″? For some reason, I went with the 4/4 stock for all but the thickest pieces, and I’m wondering now whether that was a wise move. In theory, a lamination of two 4/4 pieces will be more resistant to warping (as the minor stresses in each piece of wood go in different directions and cancel each other out). But looking at the materials list, I’m starting to wonder whether I should continue on this path, or go back and pick up some more 8/4 stock. Given what I’ve already spent on the 4/4, my wallet is suggesting prudence. πŸ™‚ On the other hand, the 4/4 stock I have left over will easily be consumed by the chairs I have yet to build – I haven’t even begun to plan and budget for those.

Give me a few days to feel this out. I just glued up a series of short laminations of the 4/4 stock to make some of the pedastle rails and supports. If I don’t like the way they look laminated, I’ll punt and go pick up some 8/4 this weekend. As one expert pointed out, it’s not worth skimping on materials – your time is by far the most expensive component of any project.

Otherwise, not much to report on this end. Work is humming along, I’m loving the weather, and continue to appreciate my great friends. Life is good!


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