Table Progress

I’ve been making slow, steady progress. In the photo you can see (stacked vertically) the feet, posts, and the two long rails that will hold the sliding rail mechanism. On top of the wood pile at the top are the rails for the base. Just about everything but the curved brackets have been cut and trimmed to size. I did a test fit of a few pieces together, and probably have to clean up the mortises a bit. But it looks like the first phase (the pedastle) will be ready to go together within the week.

One of the tedious parts will be to mark out and drill small mortises for those danged ebony plugs (the things that gave me such a hard time with my mirror). But they really do add to the overall appearance, all 72(!) of them…

One of my blogging buddies mentioned the saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How utterly true! On my table I’m thinking in terms of simply putting hours in. Today I spent a couple of hours on it, so I’ve made a couple of “hours” of progress. I don’t know how long the journey is, but I know I’m two hours further down the road than I was. Writing a dissertation had a similar feeling – just keep moving forward, and you’ll get there eventually.

I also went out on a “first date” last night. 🙂 There was definitely some “chemisty,” but we’re both taking our time and being patient. Talk about starting over! All of the stories that are so familiar to me, but I’m telling them to someone who’s hearing them for the first time. Everything is a “first” again – first steps.

I’m also slowly migrating some of my photos and links over to another web site – I’ll try to link it to this site as it develops.

That’s all for now!


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