We have a pedestal!

I’ve been looking forward to this milestone for weeks. Tonight I was finally able to assemble the pieces of my table pedestal and move the whole beastie upstairs into my dining area. I derive quite a bit of pleasure from looking at it across the room!

This project splits nicely into three phases: the pedestal, the slider assemblies, and the top itself. Next are the sliders. They’re just straight sticks of wood with t-slots and mating t-rails milled out. It’ll take some precision router work (and I need to get a special bit for the t-slots), but I’m hoping it won’t take very long. The table top is going to be the challenging phase, particularly if I go with the original design, curved edges, and mating edging. Stay tuned!

No real “lessons learned” tonight. I always worry at assembly time that I’m forgetting something critical that will come back to bite me, but this went together pretty smoothly. And yes, I did measure the door to make sure I could get it out when the time comes!


One thought on “We have a pedestal!

  1. Nice job Larry! Whew all that hard effort pays off. Again so impressive that you are such a craftsman. I'm glad that the project went smooth for you. Hope you have a fun Fourth of the July weekend! Heather


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