It's too darn hot

Hi all,

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve been working on a technical section of my table – the sliders that allow the two outer halves of the table top to slide apart and admit extension leaves. I had to route a center t-slot in the rail, then cut down the t-slide to match on the table saw… multiplied by 12 sets of rails and slides. It’s a lot of messy router work, generating heaps of sawdust and shavings, and the weather has been in the 90’s. Not a lot of fun, but necessary. I’ve got one more set of router operations (trimming the ends of the t-slides to match the curves in the end of the rails), then it’s sanding and staining time. I’m looking forward to being past this, and moving onto the tabletop itself (a whole different set of challenges).

The “lessons learned” in the shop, life, my blossoming romance, etc., are all jumbling together and coming on fast and furious. I’ll sort ’em all out in blog-land when I can be more articulate. 🙂


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