My craft fair debut!

I took a big step last week – signed up for a booth at my company craft fair, and exhibited my pens and some coin banks I made. I actually sold some! I remember when my Mom first exhibited her paintings at a local show, and how pleasantly surprised she was when she sold her first. It was nice to hear comments, and also a fascinating study in how people make eye contact (or don’t), marketing, being “on” when most people are walking by without stopping…

Anyway, it was fun, but exhausting. This past weekend my girlfriend and I checked out a “Mosaic Cafe” at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland. It was our first time trying mosaic art, and we had a great time. The staff was very helpful and the environment low-key and inviting for total novices. We worked at the same table as the founder of the institute as she worked on a commissioned piece of sculpture. Very cool, and a very cool old dog hung out with us, too.

I like this idea of deliberately doing creative stuff on dates. I have my woodshop, of course, but it’s a different feeling when you can share the experience with someone.

I’m trying not to let holiday pressure get to me. It’s already hard enough with the seasonal light change (I’m mood-sensitive to the changes – around the Solstice is always my gloomiest time of year), but I do want to try my hand at a tongue drum for my nephews. I’ve got some basic plans – the construction itself is a simple box. The trick is tuning the tongues and overall dimensions to have good sound resonance. As with most projects like this, it helps to start with plans passed down by someone who’s walked ahead on the journey. I’ll try one this week, and make that the only “holiday pressure” project I do.

I’ll be off for the entire week of Christmas – I think that’s when I’ll get serious about starting some chairs to match my dining table. I’ll have lived in my current place for a year on December 20 – it’s about time I started feeling like I actually live here (rather than camping out).

I hope all is well with you all and your loved ones – thanks for reading!


One thought on “My craft fair debut!

  1. Hey there my friend, Long time no read! Wow! A craft fair. You surprise me. What a talented soul. Sounds like you and the gal are getting serious. What a year for you! It's amazing how much can happen in a single year. Happy Holiday, Larry


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