Bowls of fun

Just a quick entry, to keep myself on track with more frequent updates.

A few weeks ago I came across the remains of some local tree trimming in a park – they left 12″ wide sections of tree trunk cut up, presumably to just rot in the bushes. I rescued them and have started practicing bowl turning. I’d taken a one evening class over a year ago, and have wanted to work on bowls and other similar forms, but it helps to have “free” (and green) wood to practice with.

I also have a cherry tree limb a friend’s sister cut down a year ago, and that’s been slowly drying in my shop. When my skills are good enough I want to make a bowl or vase from that as a gift back to them.

The picture above is a “rough turning.” With green wood, you generally turn a rough shape (half to 1 inch thick in the walls), and then let the wood thoroughly dry. It’ll distort while drying, sometimes considerably. 6 months down the road you put it back on the lathe and turn it down to its final, delicate form. It’ll look almost nothing like that photo when I’m done – stay tuned! Should be final before the year’s out. 🙂

Chairs are coming together. I’ve stained most of the parts (one rear leg still has remnants of saw marks I didn’t see while sanding. Grrr…. gotta sand it down and re-stain it.) Should be able to assemble them sometime next week!

Otherwise, I’m happy for the longer daylight! Let’s hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow next week!


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