Looks like I'm 0 for 2

I just looked at the 2nd chair I glued up the other day. As I mentioned in my last post, in gluing up the 1st one I actually left an important piece out! Well, all the pieces were there, but the crest rail (top curved rail on the back) is way out of alignment on one end. Don’t know how I missed it before gluing. Well, I actually do know – I didn’t do a full-on “dress rehearsal” known as a dry fit. I checked that each piece individually fit where it was supposed to go, but I should have clamped the whole thing together without glue to check the alignment of joints.

Y’know, these are the sort of lessons you can read a hundred times in books, but until you actually get bitten by the mistake, the lesson is not really learned. Now I’ve got a chair that looks *really* amateurish, and one that I’m still not sure how to fix.

But I do see the root causes of the problem(s). For one, the jig I used to cut the tenons is slightly out of alignment. I knew that at the time, but didn’t think it would cause problems. In hindsight, that was part of the problem. The second part is I cut the back leg tapers too small at the top, so I had a lot less room for error in cutting and fitting the joints. I can fix both next time around, and be alittle more religious about dry runs.

I wanted a set of 6 chairs, but now I’m thinking I’ll do a production run of 6 fresh ones, and keep these around as extras and/or reminders of the learning? That means buying some wood and spending $$$… Gotta get my taxes filed and that refund coming!


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