A day by the water

My sweetie and I spent the afternoon at Audubon Canyon Ranch, a park and preserve with dozens of nesting Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons. I’ve seen these birds in marshes, but never nesting in trees! Quite a sight. The nests were a little too far away for me to get decent pictures, but I did see a pair in the nearby marsh.

Not too much else is new. The set of 6 dining chairs is making steady progress. Yesterday I cut the shoulders to most of the tenons on the table saw (nothing focuses the attention like the spinning naked blade on that saw!) I still have to cut and finish the curved back rails, and then figure out how I’m going to cut the angled tenons on the side rails. I’m not sure whether I’ll use the same technique I did last go-around; that’s part of the fun trial-and-error aspect of this.

A week from today I’ll be in Chicago for annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, teaching at a workshop and pinch-hitting for a colleague who needs surgery and can’t travel. It’s really a great opportunity to connect with old colleagues from graduate school and to hear what people in particular fields are up to. I don’t know Chicago very well, but I’ll have a little time and hopefully will find an interesting museum or place to take pictures.

I went running for the first time this year over the weekend! Yikes, it’s hard on the ego to see how short a distance I covered. 😦 But if history is any guide, within just a few weeks I’ll be back up to respectible mileage. With the nice weather upon us I don’t want to spend my time exercising in a dark basement gym, so I’m trying to work in a regular routine of biking or running after work. Now if only work weren’t so darn exhausting sometimes…

Have a great week, y’all!


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