Can you ID this critter?

I’m intrigued by this little critter – we call him a “lint worm.” I *think* he actually does pick up lint from rugs and dust from the air? He also has the ability to stick his “head” (if that’s what it is) out from both ends of his body tube thingy. Or are there two of them in there? Anyway, they cling to the walls and are often immobile, but do occasionally stick their heads out and slowly move about. But what are they? I’ve never seen them before?

Update! The web knows all – after searching for combinations of “worm,” “dust,” and “lint” I came up with this: a Plaster Bagworm! (See half-way down on the linked site).

Meanwhile, I’ve been sick as a dog the past week. Toss up whether it was the flu or strep throat. Doc took a throat culture (or tried valiantly – I guess I have a tough gag reflex) and the quick test was negative, but he wasn’t sure he got a good swipe. So he prescribed antibiotics to start taking if I hadn’t improved in a couple of days (and I hadn’t). I’m on the mend, but missed most of last week’s work. Haven’t been that sick in years!

So no real woodworking this week (too sick for that, too). I’m feeling like I’ve got a backlog of writing and reflecting to do, so will try to attend to the blog more frequently.


One thought on “Can you ID this critter?

  1. Oh, hate to hear that you are not feeling well. And thanks for the pep talk. I think this week was really difficult and it got me down in the dumps. I do also feel like I'm searching a bit about the meaning of it all. A lot has been put on my plate and I have such high expectations for myself. But I know that it will work out and it's all good!

    So I hope that you are eating healthy, and getting lots of rest.


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