Lemons to Lemonade

Just a quick entry: I got caught in this weekend’s air traffic control meltdown on my way back from a meeting in Washington DC. My flight out kept getting delayed, and it became obvious I’d never make my connection to San Francisco. So they kindly rebooked me on a Delta flight through Atlanta. Then just as we were going to depart, they grounded all traffic due to a thunderstorm over DC! While we were sitting on the tarmac I remembered my digital camera would take movies, so I held it up to the window to try to capture lightning. The result wasn’t prize-winning, but does show a bit what the sky looked like (you can barely see what I think is the Capitol building lit up on the horizon).

Oh, and of course I missed my connection in Atlanta and had to spend the night there anyway. Flights the next morning were clear and I made it home to SF by noon on Saturday – still with time to enjoy the weekend.

More later!


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