Nothing Special

Not too much going on in creativity land right now. After a bit of traveling I’m focusing on just cleaning up my domicile and taking better care of myself. I rode one of my favorite mtn. bike trails at Wilder Ranch over the weekend (the ride appears near the bottom of my “places” list), and it felt great to be out in Nature again! I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t a frivolous luxury, but an essential part of my mental and physical health.

I also went to the art show up in San Rafael, where there were a few fine furniture makers and bowl turners exhibiting. Was good to “talk shop” with some of the artists – definitely inspiring. And a reminder that with a few more years of diligent work, I could be producing similar quality work. Something to aim for.

Work is going to be a little crazy busy over the next few weeks, but my goal is to not be so tired in the evenings that I neglect my furniture work. I’m in the home stretch now – after beveling the edges of a bunch of pieces, I can start the final sand-down and assembly process for the chairs! I’m also procrastinating the creation of 80 or so ebony plugs for the table and some touch-up work on that as well, but boy will it feel good to be able to host a dinner party again!

That’s all – just wanted to post and stay in the blogging habit. I’ll write more when something exciting happens.


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