Marking the year

Photo: a recent mosaic project I completed, based on a photograph I took in Santa Cruz

This is a week of anniversaries and birthdays – my sweetie and I have birthdays 5 days apart, and the first anniversary of our first date is tomorrow, too! Maybe it’s because I’ve spent way too many years in school, but the June-to-June calendar feels like a natural year to me, moreso than the calendar years.

This was a good year, overall. Or rather, a year ago I was in a pretty dark space, and now that’s largely receded, so a lot of things have gotten better. But I still feel like there’s lots of room for growth, and that’s a good thing, as I plan on living for quite a while longer, and wouldn’t want to be bored!

I realized that if “life begins at 40,” then I’m still in diapers, in a sense. 😉 I bought my sweetie a book for her birthday: On Women Turning 40: Coming into our fullness. (BTW, I use “sweetie” in these pages because she wishes to remain anonymous on a public blog space). I’m thinking I should read through it for myself (or find the male equivalent). I feel like I’m nearing the cusp of some sort of transformative phase in my life, but I can’t put my finger on what it looks/feels like yet. It’s more than just tinkering with career options; a deeper sense of getting in touch with what really matters to me and then living my life based on that. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I’ve started getting back into the shop. The dining chairs are ready to be assembled one by one. I’m taking the first one very slowly, realizing I need to make sure they actually look like a matched set when all is said and done, and that entails making more measurements so that when two chairs are side-by-side, they’re the same height, the rails are the same spacing, etc. There’s some wiggle-room in some of the parts, and I need to be careful here. More of the “measure a gazillion times, cut (glue) once” rule.

Hope you’re having a good summer so far!


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