Scrabble word for the day is splat – the panel running up the center of a chair back. (Yes, the dictionary also recognizes the sound “splat”). The plans I’m using call for a two-toned wood panel in the middle of the splat. Rather than make all 6 chairs the same, I’m going to vary the splat panels – the photo above shows some possible color combinations (all the wood is its natural color). There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

I also bit the bullet and decided to invest in a dust collector (essentially, an industrial strength vacuum you attach to power tools). I was trying to move a few pieces of wood around the garage, and the cloud of fine sawdust that got kicked up made me reach for the filter mask – it made the garage uninhabitable without one. So a combination of devices (dust collector for power tools, plus an air scrubber mounted on the ceiling) should get it all under control. I haven’t gotten the ceiling air scrubber yet – gotta figure out the wiring and mounting. But the dust collector has already made a difference in what’s being spit out by the saw and planer.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing out my 2nd week of my “huffy puffy” exercise commitment – 5 out of 7 days of “huffy puffy” exercise. I sleep better and feel better when I wake up. It’s hard to believe I sometimes “fall off the wagon” exercise-wise — I feel so much better when I’m moving my body!

I’m glad the chairs are winding up soon. They’re still enjoyable, but I really want to get back to making little projects, toys, kitchen things, etc. The chairs are an exercise in delayed gratification. 😉 One of those delayed pleasures will be sitting at my own dining set to eat home-cooked meals with friends.

Not much else going on – still going through the mid-life “now what” questioning, but I’m just sitting with that and trying to stay open, rather than be reactive. Work has been pretty busy lately (it’s proposal season), and I’m looking forward to taking a class in Illinois the first week of August. Then it’s out to see my family in Maine in late August.


2 thoughts on “Splats!

  1. good that you invested in a dust collector and air scrubber, you need one with that planing and sawing. what kind of wood is that with a violet tint?


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