That looks like a chair!

Yes indeed, I’m starting to realize the fruits of my labor! I glued up the front and back sections the other night, the legs all sat flat on the floor, and I test “drove” it with a board across the rails to check the seat height. All systems go!

Now just 5 more to fine tune and assemble… Plus I need to find an upholsterer to make the seat cushions…

It’s actually Friday 7/13 as I write this. Week 3 of my “huffy puffy” commitment: 5 days a week of “huffy puffy” exercise. Went for a really nice run in Arastradero Preserve after work, and saw the largest rattlesnake I’ve ever seen in the wild! Looked like it might have been a little sluggish after a meal? Fortunately it crawled off the trail as I approached.

It’s been a crazy week at work – this time of year is known as “proposal season,” where everyone loses their minds writing these grant proposals for various federal agencies. I keep thinking there’s no reason we can’t start these farther in advance (we’ve known about this July deadline for 3 or 4 months now), but the squeakier wheel gets the grease — current short term project deadlines trump longer-term proposal planning. So when the deadline gets to be about a month away people start putting proposals on their “A” priority list.

I like crafting a well thought out research proposal, but boy I don’t like rushing things… OK, enough whining. I’ve turned in what I can for now, and don’t see a pressing need to work over the weekend (although some of my collaborators are). I’m going to de-stress tonight with a late night viewing of the Transformers movie. 🙂 How’s that for high-brow?

Not like I’ve taken a lot of time to read recently, but I did just order a couple of books from Amazon dealing with the whole “mid life crisis” thang. One is written by a Jungian psychologist and goes into some depth over what the whole issue is, the other is a series of interviews with folks who have gone through this recently. No, I’m not about to buy a convertible or join the circus or anything like that. Just realizing, now that my life is settling into a comfortable track, that I always feel better when I have a “mission,” or a vision for where I want to go (metaphorically speaking) next. I think it’s particularly poignant with not raising children – I suspect a lot of folks derive quite a bit of meaning and purpose from helping their children grow. I’m still looking for something to scratch that “generative” itch.

I hope everybody is enjoying the weekend and the summer weather (at least those in the Bay Area – we’ve had perfect temperatures lately).


3 thoughts on “That looks like a chair!

  1. Well, I for one, am having a very nice mid-life crisis.. I have started having facials and getting bikini waxed. Go figure. Taking care of both ends so to speak. I will leave the middle for when I turn 70. Have a great weekend, and good luck on those chairs.


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