All work and no play…

… make for one very dull blogger. 😦

It’s been a busy week in Lake Wobegon. I usually am juggling multiple projects at work, and when two or three of them have coinciding deadlines, my life gets a little hectic. So I’ve been in “maintenance” mode — just attending to the basics in my life and not much else this past week.

I have, however, tried a new color on my wall each night (I’m up to 8 different rectangles on the wall now). I think I’ve settled on “Fresh Orange” from the Ace paint lineup, a shade lighter than “Orange Taffy.” The orange taffy may be too dark for me at night when the lights are low, but I’m taking my time to ponder and see them in different light sources.

Not much new in the meaning of life front lately. Lots of loose threads in my life and psyche do seem to be pulling together, though. It’s as if I’ve been fragmented and all the pieces are starting to re-integrate into the new improved model. Stay tuned, and when I’m more in touch with what’s happening I’ll try to describe it.

The one thing I’m trying to do in the woodshop is pay attention to details. I’ve been realizing that it’s little things like a flawless joint that really make a huge impression, so when I assemble my chairs I’m really aiming for tight joinery work. There’s no reason I can’t achieve it – mainly it’s lack of patience that gets in the way. So far it’s been rewarding, albeit a little slow on the production end (good thing I’m not doing this to put food on the table!)

But I’m not by nature a “details” person, so it stretches me to slow down and notice the little things. I’ve been exploring my Myers Briggs type lately — I used to think I was an INFP, but it’s clearer now that I’m an INTP – or what Kiersey calls “The Architect.” I like to design things, and see aesthetics in efficiency and elegance of solutions. But it’s a “big picture” plan that I like to play with, not necessarily the step-by-step execution. Nonetheless, I like what attention to detail gets me for a product.

That’s all for now. Hopefully life will get a little more exciting soon.


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