This is getting silly…

I think I’m up to 10 colors on my wall – I’ve honestly lost count. I’m homing in on a deeper orange, but still want to look at something with a little more red in it.

24-bit color monitors can show over 16 million distinct colors (in theory, at least). Yet I noticed that paint collections show maybe a thousand colors across all their swatches? I couldn’t find the color I was looking for in the Ace Hardware collection, so I went to Lowes and found a much better selection in the orange hues. I don’t know how people decide which of 16 million colors they’re going to include in their paint offerings…

That deep red over in the left is probably my favorite color overall (“Chili Pepper”), but it’s too dark/vibrant for an entire wall. Feels like someone’s got the stereo turned up too loud all the time. Maybe an accent color? A lot of the others were either too dark, or not saturated enough (too muddy/brownish). The orange in the rectangle outline is my favorite so far, but as I said above, a touch more red and maybe a touch lighter will do it.

Chairs are still an exercise in patience. I’m resigned to essentially having to stain everything twice – first to show all the defects in finishing that I can’t see on bare wood, then scrape it all off and finish the wood properly, then apply the stain again. I’m just about ready to assemble the rear legs for… #4, I think? I’m losing track – I’ve got pieces of partial chairs all over the place now. Goal is for the 6th and final chair to be as near perfect as I can possibly make it. I’m learning a little bit with each one.

That’s all for now – nothing too exciting. Oh! I was at the San Francisco Zoo over the weekend and got some decent shots of the gorillas. You can see them here.


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