New Year's droppings

Happy New Year’s y’all!

I decided to indulge and take a 2nd week of vacation. After a long stretch of work, I find it takes me nearly a week to simply unwind and recover from cumulative stress. I can then really enjoy the 2nd week off. So this week I’ve been biking, finally finishing the chairs I’ve been working on forever, and indulging in some other home improvement work.

Things I’m learning about myself: I don’t like spending the entire day at home alone. I once tele-commuted to a job back east for 2-3 months when I first moved to CA. Made me stir crazy! I’d go to a local coffee shop to work just to hear the buzz of voices around me. Even this week, going out mountain biking and such, I didn’t feel “okay” until I caught up with my sweetie in the evening. I like the give-and-take of casual interaction, and fortunately I work in a place where that’s frequent and pleasant.

I got to dog-sit Rupert the Mastiff over the holidays. He was a joy to be with, and also reminded me what the daily routine is like with a dog. I’m still not convinced this is the right time in my life to get one of my own – I feel guilty being gone 9-10 hours a day for work. Also, even the minimal upkeep with Rupert (walks, poop pickup, feeding, etc.) was a reminder that I’m responsible for another living being. Heck, I don’t even have (living) plants in my own place. I noticed that little bit of intrusion into the “I can do what I want when I want” lifestyle I’ve come to enjoy.

Now comes the self-hating chorus with the first verse (“You’re selfish! You’re selfish!”) I’ve always known that this would be a huge impediment to having kids (talk about needing to be “on” 24/7!). When I had dogs with my ex-partner, it was a lot easier knowing we could tag-team. This single-parent thing – when the buck stops here all the time – feels different. I guess if you’re a single parent you’re thinking “well, duh!”

I still like my Enchanted Autumn wall color, but am thinking it would really be too much for the entire room. I don’t want to wait another 2 months to pick a color for the rest of the room – maybe tomorrow I’ll go color-browsing for a golden yellow of some sort. I’m drawn to the warm, glowing colors, but something a little more subdued than the EA at this point.

That’s all for now! I hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly over the next few weeks.


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