Coming out of hibernation

It’s been a while since posting – my writing mojo seems to wax and wane over time. This winter I’ve been frustrated with the number of incomplete projects on my “to do” list, and only lately have I started to move forward on them.

First, the painting. I’ve had “Autumn Enchantment” up on my dining room wall for about 2 months now, and once again I’m thinking of changing it. The problem is that anything I like on that “accent wall” is generally too loud to do the entire living/dining room in. So I’m going to go with something a little darker on the accent wall, and then (for now) resign myself to only having something slightly off-white on the rest that matches the color. 😦 Maybe I’ll get lucky with the rest of the walls, but for now I need to get the splotches covered up.

My chairs have been in hibernation as well. I just started to assemble the remaining 3 frames, and my goal is to get all 6 assembled in March. After that, it’s just some cleanup detailing and making the seats themselves.

Lastly, my place looks like a quintessential bachelor pad. I finally bit the bullet and contacted some cleaning services – I’m going to set up inspections/interviews for next week.

Collectively, the goal is to be able to host a birthday party in June and to feel good about having people over. The walls will be painted, the furniture finished, and the kitchen and bathrooms spotless.

Otherwise, life goes on as usual. I’m starting to get back in shape after the usual winter “growth,” and work is going well. I’ll try to be more regular with updates as lessons are learned in the future.


2 thoughts on “Coming out of hibernation

  1. I, too, am coming out of hibernation. I've been horribly sick and have been doing just enough to keep The Cherub happy and growing. Luckily, Mr. Scootergirl has been able to do so much to keep us all going. Looking forward to seeing the chairs in place against a wall color you enjoy! (What about a tan or light sand color on three walls with your accent red?) 🙂


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