Seasonal changes

I can tell Autumn is in the air. Not only is the sun setting noticeably earlier and the night air carrying a chill, but I’m feeling an urge to get back into the wood shop. I usually take a hiatus over the summer – I’d much rather go out mtn. biking after work than do something indoors. This weekend, though, I swept and vacuumed out the shop in preparation for finishing up my chairs and tables.

I need to make 60-odd “pyramid plugs” – 3/8″ by 3/8″ square, maybe 1/4″ thick, with “pillowed” tops. It’s going to be a little tedious, but well worth the finishing touch. I also need to make 6 slip seats for my chairs – my first time trying upholstery. Ideally, these will all be done in time to host a Thanksgiving dinner.

What I can’t do, though, is let my exercise routine slip. As the days shorten, mtn. biking after work won’t be an option. So I either need to 1) take a long lunch some days and just work late, or 2) (*groan*) start going back to the indoor gym. I think I dislike #2 enough to try option #1 for a while.

As I start spending more time in the shop I hope to update this blog more frequently. I’ve been having some thoughts – and mental blocks – about my career path. I’m not quite ready to share them all publicly, though. One that hit me over the head this week is that I’m much happier when I’m working on projects of my own origination and buy-in, vs. supporting other people’s work. I can do the latter – happily – but it can’t be the entirety of my work week. The implication is clear – start bringing in more of my own work (translation: grant money). The reasons I feel an internal block to doing that are less clear…


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