Y360 is dead. Time to move on…

I haven't written in this blog since September 2008. In part my urge to write comes and goes with the phases of the moon. I think the real culprit, though, is the lack of community on Y360. When I started here I had a half-dozen or so folks scattered throughout the world who were linked. We read each other's postings, commented or just nodded appreciatively, and that was enough. But Yahoo is letting 360 die on the vine (in spite of promises of a new social networking product coming "any day now"), and it's time to move on.

I've been active on Facebook, and am linked to many of my "meat space" friends through that medium. I've also got an account on TBD.com, but that too doesn't feel like a cozy place to set up shop. When I decide where to start writing next I'll leave a forwarding address here for anyone who still drops by.

Overall 2008 was a good year – lots of learning and growth, and regaining a sense of groundedness. I'd like to get into the blogging habit again, and hope to find the appropriate medium soon.

Till then,



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