A second success

Before and After

Before and After

My second complete goblet, turned from green eucalyptus. I’ll finish sand after the wood has completely dried. The captured ring needs some touch-up, too (that was a first).

Tonight – after a very intense week at work – I decided to unwind at the lathe (no pun intended). I’d turned my first goblet just a few weeks ago, and recently had come across some discarded eucalyptus by the side of the road (remnants of a tree taken down).  I cut a blank out of a log, checked the ends for any obvious checking, and crossed my fingers.

There is something to be said for repetition. I’ve noticed when I work on an activity only sporadically (say, a rarely used statistical model at work), I have to spend some time reacquainting myself with the nuances. More common activities are almost automatic at points. I’m glad I tried another goblet again – I remembered more quickly how to avoid nasty catches while hollowing, and was a little more confident tackling the bottom of the hollowed form. I had fewer scary catches (although I thought one was going to take out the stem), and stretched myself to try a captive ring.  It was a little hit-or-miss, and definitely needs some clean-up off the lathe, but it felt like a personal success.

I wasn’t sure whether to try to completely sand the green wood or to turn it smooth and let it dry out.  I sanded the top half of the goblet and left the rest alone – I guess I’ll find out in a month or so after the wood has had time to dry.  If I’m really lucky I’ll get some distortion in the shape (I love some “drunken goblets” I’ve seen turned from fresh green wood).

It certainly feels good to have had a beginning, middle, and end to a project this evening.


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