To every thing there is a season…

We’re approaching the end of Daylight Savings Time, which means I’m spending more time with indoor activities in the evening. This includes getting back to semi-regular blogging.

When we last left our hero he was in the midst of training for his first Century ride.  Well, the training went smoothly (with the exception of having my bike stolen a week before the Century ride, necessitating a quick purchase and fitting of a nifty new carbon-frame model), as did the ride itself.  I learned a lot about how my body responds to long rides and about riding a Century in general, and look forward to doing this again. I decided not to tackle another one this year – my knees were starting to bug me by early summer, and the local Century in June was known for its climbs. I did eventually get the knee thing under control (I was climbing too much and at too low a cadence, and my saddle needed to come forward a few smidgeons) and enjoyed a good season on the new bike. My ratio of road bike to mountain bike riding was a lot higher than usual this year – just noting it and moving on.

I had also picked up the guitar again after several years of dormancy and begun taking classes with Carol McComb. And, like riding a bicycle, fingering a guitar is something you never quite forget once it’s in your muscle memory – I’m on my third class with Carol (“Celtic Crossover”) and also re-learning some old favorites. Just last week I went to a Meetup group of acoustic musicians and led CS&N’s “Helplessly Hoping” – my first time playing with strangers in… possibly forever.  Since college, most likely.

I’ve got a backlog of writing/blogging to catch up on: career insights, new projects in the works, etc.  It’ll have to wait for another night, though.  For now I wanted to get back in the saddle of writing (and to see how the links to Facebook are working now).


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