Artistry takes many forms

While vacationing in Maui last week we came across one of the many vendors of shave ice. Our guide book had recommended Ululani’s Shave Ice in particular, so we checked it out.  Yes, it was wonderful. I can’t call myself a connoisseur of shave ice, having only had it once before in my life, but I’m willing to believe the reviews that said this was one of the best on the island. We came back almost daily.

I’m pretty sure we met the co-founder David during several of our visits. He made up all of the flavor syrups from scratch, using recipes he worked out over the years.  He was particularly proud of a “red velvet cake” syrup he’d invented – “I nailed the flavor!  (not to toot my own horn)” he smiled.  And he did indeed nail the flavor.

Dozens of individual syrups, and then blends of 3 or more into “specials” – combinations that go great together. Like any professional you’d see on Iron Chef, he was an artist with the flavor palette.  It was also clear he loved his work, from inventing the syrups to actually making shave ice to chatting up the customers. It was a joy to see him in his “flow,” and that too is what kept us coming back.

If you’re in the area check out their shop!


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