Taking a time out

I’ve got a backlog of topics I want to write about, but I’ve been stricken with this pervasive sense of fatigue lately. After deciding that, no, it’s not extended seasonal depression, and no, it’s not just bad Spring allergies, I finally called my doctor. Her first guess is that I could have a sleep disorder, so I’m going to get tested in June (not happy about the wait, but this is what “managed care” cost containment looks like).  Stay tuned…

What this means practically is that other than work and some exercise, I’ve really been off the grid lately. Whenever I’m even slightly cognitively impaired (illness or fatigue) my writing is the first thing that suffers, so I just haven’t had the juice to blog lately.  I’m confident my energy and writing will come back; I just need to be patient.

This is just a quick post to blow some dust off the blog spot – I look forward to posting more regularly in the future.


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