Is this how new parents feel?

Chronic sleep deprivation. Fuzzy-headedness.  Not being able to recall names or facts or those words on the tip of the tongue.  Craving a nap at all hours of the day, coming home after work and feeling like I’ve already been up past midnight. I’ve given up on evening bike rides or practicing music or anything else that requires concentration. One silver lining is that I’m catching up on reading (which I usually don’t do much of when the sun is still shining outside).

I took the home sleep test last week (wired up to a few sensors that all fed into a wrist-watch data recorder), but will probably have to wait another week for results, and then more time to see a doc and get the next steps of treatment rolling.  For sanity’s sake I’ve set July 1 as the day when I’ll be getting a proper night’s sleep again.  I can suck anything up for another month.

I miss writing, and playing music, and having that inner spark that smiles at life. Right now I feel like I’m just existing.  Have to remember that this too shall pass…

Till next time!


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