Main power restored

That line – “main power restored” – always seemed to mark the turning point of a Star Trek episode. Scotty or Giordi or Chief O’Brien would work their magic, the captain would receive word in the nick of time, and the crew would begin to claw its way out of whatever trouble they were in.  The situation would flip from dire hopelessness to a promising light at the end of the tunnel.

That is what recovering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) feels like.

After a brief false start, I’ve now been on CPAP therapy for about a week.  It truly feels like a second chance at life. I was lapsing into depression, had stopped even trying to exercise after work, could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning… basically, life was a drag. After a week my body is starting to feel like its old self (I put in a couple of intense biking days last weekend), and the rest of my mind/spirit is sorting itself out.  I’m not sure how long full healing will take, but I’m feeling very patient now that treatment is at hand.

People ask how long I’ve been suffering the effects of OSA, and it’s difficult to pinpoint. My best guess is that it started setting over the winter, but the effects can be gradual and cumulative, so it might have been even earlier.  You’d have to ask the people around me – when did I start acting like the walking dead?  😉

My enthusiasm for work (both small-w work and the Work of Life) is returning, but I’m still feeling a bit out of sorts. I hope to return to updating this blog on a more regular basis soon, but again, am remaining patient.

It feels good to be back among the living!


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