I’m a data scientist!

At a recent Cyberlearning Research Summit organized by some colleagues, Bill Finzer proposed that we think about the Data Sciences as a distinct educational goal. Briefly, the data sciences exist at the intersection of three domains: math & statistics, a substantive area of knowledge (economics, psychology, education, etc.), and “hacking” or the ability to construct algorithmic solutions to problems.

What Bill described was essentially my current professional life. It usually takes me a couple of minutes to describe what I do when I meet someone at a party (I don’t have a simple job descriptor like “tax lawyer”).  Now I can tell people “I’m a data scientist!” (Of course, they won’t know what that means, and it’ll take me two minutes to explain that, anyway).

Still, I’ve felt like I’ve assembled an odd hybrid of skills and interests in my professional life, and I’m not eager to part with any of them.  I’ll take the bit of external validation I got from watching this video.  🙂

I haven’t been blogging much over the past months, but I have a collection of ideas starting to backlog and will be writing more frequently in the near future.  Stay tuned.


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