That wasn’t so bad

Just a quick update – the bending operation went far more smoothly than I expected. Once the iron was hot it took less than an hour to bend both sides. I’m happy with the outcome – the shape conforms to the template to a reasonable degree of tolerance. These sides are definitely a bit thinner than the last guitar; they bent far more easily. Whether that will lead to a structural weakness remains to be seen. Sadly, the GoPro was completely out of juice, so there is no video of the process.


Bent sides resting in a mold

I want to revisit a topic I wrote about last week, the madness of what passes for political rhetoric nowadays and the anti-empathic messages we’re hearing. But I’m just too frazzled at the moment – tomorrow is my last full time day at SRI and I just want to relax this evening.

My blogging buddy Kris reminded us that this “promise” to blog daily only matters to the degree that it serves a purpose. While I’m perfectly capable of pushing myself through a 30-day challenge, I don’t feel the need to force myself to write every day at the moment. I’m simply grateful for the reminder to write this month, and will see whether I can turn this into a more regular habit.


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