Dark at 5:30? Must be flan time

I’m home sick today, my 3rd day on the new job. ūüė¶ Not the best timing for a virus. I was also struck by how bleak and dark it felt in the apartment, while the clock read only 5:30. At that point the thing I wanted most was fresh flan, which I don’t think I’ve made since, oh, around the solstice last year.

It’s fun, in a way, to watch our animal natures at work; I’ve always been sensitive to daylight cycles, and those two months surrounding the solstice have typically¬†seen increases in comfort eating, weight gain, and mild depression. That last point was brought under better control last year through a daylight spectrum lamp, and this winter I’m getting to sit next to¬†a sunny window at work. ¬†Baking flan is not going to do any favors for my weight, but once the virus passes I’m going to start biking to work regularly, which adds an extra hour plus of activity I wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed.

Meanwhile, we have another mass shooting. I can’t even go there right now. However, I did come across an¬†analysis of why Trump is allowed to get away with telling outright lies, and it implicates the mass media in our collective ignorance of politics. It’s one of those pieces I wish I’d written myself.

But my sweetie and her daughter are home safely from Paris,¬†and I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into new work challenges. The flan is firming up. The cats have started grooming themselves again (what, I wasn’t good enough for them?) Lots to be thankful for on an otherwise gloomy Wednesday.



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