Happy Academic New Year

I’ve always felt that the new year really begins around the Autumnal Equinox. Perhaps it’s the Jewish half of my genotype acting up, or the fact that I spent so much of my life in or around academic institutions.

There are lots of new beginnings – Stanford has welcomed the class of 2020 (and I get to advise a handful of these Frosh on their early academic choices). After a sort of rolling beta-test I’ve got the course evaluation system under control, and can now turn my attention to the (more) important work of actually making sense of what students are telling us. I’ve got wood for Guitar #004 sitting on the shelf, and will be chronicling that project as it develops. The girls have started high school, and my sweetie is on her way back to the workforce.

As the sun sets earlier in the day I find myself spending more evening time at home, which  means I’ll have more time and incentive to build, blog, and play music.  Maybe I’ll even get back into cooking again…

I’m feeling optimistic about this coming year, and look forward to writing about what I’m learning along the way.


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